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We are coming soon in market with our innovative power saving lighting system.

Today Indian Growth is on a medium track but we can move to Fast track. Population has crossed the boundary of 125 crore. Advanced technology, globalization and population have increased the consumption of electricity in each sector. i.e., Industrial, agricultural, and domestic sectors. Electricity is essential for all the facets of our life and it has been recognized as a basic human need. It should be available equally to each and every human being. It is the main key to accelerating economic growth and human development.

* But India today faces peak load shortage of 11-18% and an elec. shortage of 7-11%. There is a deficit of 70,000 mw. in India today. Besides this power generating plants often stop generating energy due to technical faults. Thousands of villages are still in darkness. Farmers are not facilitated with required electricity. The consumption of lighting sector is 17.5% of total energy generation in India. This consumption is very high which can be reduced by this energy saving lighting system.

Considering all these factors, the best solution is saving of electricity through innovative technology.

*After all a healthy power sector is only capable to pave the way for further industrialization growth in agricultural production and the economy. All State & central government should most needed to implement this technology for double digit growth of India .We request to all to help for this matter .

1. This system is a combination of physics & engineering. Factors like location and need of light are studied minutely and various models are made accordingly. These models are different size and different capacity of watts like 8W, 11w, 18w, 20w, 35w, etc… We also give guidance how to install in different locations.

2. Modern fixtures, smart body and hi-tech copper ballast helps to stabilize the power supply and give perfect watts that are needed by tube. This emitted light is thrown back in such a way that its effect of light out three times than ordinary system’s light.

3. These models that can be installed in industries, offices, shops, malls, street lights and all other indoor, outdoor sources will help in saving energy to an extent that is highly unimaginable

4 Govt. has to spend millions of rupees to set up electricity generation plants. After that it also has to face transmission loss ,heavy maintenance expenses & environments problem. The only solution to remove this unnecessary expense and electricity loss is to adopt this innovative electric saving system

These models are for outdoor & indoor different size and different capacity of watts like 8w., 11w, 18w, 35w, per requirement of light out. [ luxlumention]

5 Central Govt., State Governments and other bodies should give first preference to installing this power saving system and take immediate action for that. Innovative electricity saving system in place of old sodium & metal lamp lighting system. People should also be motivated to use the same and help the nation to solve problem of electricity crisis. We request appropriate authority of State & central government to give tax exemption to this power saving & environment friendly product so that each person can purchase this product at affordable price[Bahujan hitay, Bahujan sukhay] & power will save in large scale & available equally to each and every human being All Technologies, Inventions & innovations are the gift of sub – conscious mind it should be useful to each one[GOD GIFT] life should be useful to each one


POINTS Flour cent lamp with high luxlumens Sodium lamp & metal amp
Watts This system works on low watts. So electricity consumption decreases. This system works on high watts. So electricity consumption is also high.
Pollution Whole system is cool based and it works on high technology so temperature does not rise. (environment friendly) This system is chemical and hot based so temperature rises. (make pollutions)
Life Life of this system is longer than existing systems. Life of this system is short.
Light This system gives instant light &light output is 3 times more than old system. It takes 3-4 minutes to get started up& light output is single
Cost This system is cheaper than the old system. This is a costly system.
Installation Installation is easy. Even a common man can install it without any technical knowledge. This system is complicated.
Permanent base cheaper All the parts are cheaper and have longer life. Parts of this system are costly and of short life.
Power factor Power factor is maintained as it is a low watts based system. Power factor is not maintained as it is high watts based system.
Great scope for solar system As this system is a low watts based, so it can converted with solar system. Conversion of this system in to solar system is not viable.

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(72)Name of Inventor : 1)GEETABEN BIPINKUMAR GADHIYA (India)
(57) Abstract : This energy conservation system is a unique creation. It is very much powerful against all problems that are faced by existing lighting system. This energy conservation is very much efficient, comfortable convenient and adoptable. This system is eco-friendly. The heat that is liberated from sodium lamps is not liberated in this system. Perfect height and perfect degree of concave reflector give the best light surrounding area wastage of light is saved. This system is very low maintenance compared to old system. This system required law material and consists latest technology. All parts are cheaper and easy to available. This system can be used out easily with solar energy system.

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